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Polish Easter tradition

We spoke to one of our residents, Hanna Grzegorczyk-Latham, who kindly shared her Polish Easter traditions with us through InfluenceUs. Hanna is originally from Poland (Lublin) but moved to the UK 13 years ago and is currently living in Wrexham.

“If you’re a Catholic, we start the Holy Week on Palm Sunday where we bless our homemade and colourful palms. Then, we start celebrating the Holy Triduum. “On the Holy Thursday, the bishop will wash the feet of 12 other priests.

“On the Holy Saturday, we paint our eggs and draw pictures on them, traditionally using beeswax and onion skins (you can do this earlier if you want though). We then go to the church with baskets filled with painted eggs and various food items for the priest to bless during a special ceremony. We will then eat those on the Easter Sunday. Late on Saturday night, when the kids go to sleep, we also put by their beds sweets, chocolate eggs or small presents as our tradition of the Easter Bunny. Kids can see them on the Easter Sunday morning.

“On Easter Sunday, we start with our Easter breakfast. First, we share the blessed eggs and send good wishes to other households. Our traditional Easter breakfast foods include eggs, white sour soup, white sausages, homemade meat and ham and also Easter cakes. But different foods are eaten in other parts of Poland. On that day, we often visit our closest family, too.

“Easter Monday is a fun day and we call it ‘Wet Monday’. People splash water on others. Some take it a bit too far and use buckets! We have a lot of fun on that day, especially kids.”

“So, this is the short story of my Easter traditions. I hope you all have a wonderful time. Good wishes to you all.”

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